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Anatomical models

Due to the different material properties that we use in our printing process, we are able to produce anatomical models for renowned medical institutions. Our anatomical models can be used for education and surgical training, enabling accurate diagnoses to be made on patients.

Die Prothese

Prosthetics and aids

Thanks to advances in additive manufacturing technology, we have already been able to produce several prosthetics for our customers. The customisation of the prosthetics to suit the wearer can lead to better results in use.

künstliches Auge

Artificial eyes

Due to the continuous development of 3D printing in the medical field, we were able to develop artificial eyes for training purposes in cooperation with the company The artificial eyes are characterized by their excellent handling during transport, their easy application for operation tests and their fast production.


Medizinischer Partner von 3D Druck Hechenberger

"A successful example of interdisciplinary cooperation. I got to know Alexander Hechenberger in 2016 at a event. It was immediately clear that our ophthalmic training products would benefit immensely from the technology and cooperation."

David Ortner, CEO

With our Kit 4 Retrobulbar Anethesia, we have developed a comprehensive training tool for mastering the techniques of retrobulbar anesthesia. The artificial skin and fat tissue was specially developed by us to simulate the elasticity of human skin. Another unique material used exclusively in this product is adipose tissue, one of the softest materials suitable for such detailing. The Retrobulbar anesthesia model allows medical students and doctors around the world to learn and practice a complex medical procedure risk-free and without animal or cadaver parts. 

The J850 DAP Printer allows us to create lifelike and complex 3D medical models at the highest level. The unique materials developed specifically for this printer allow us to create realistic biomechanical models, such as human tissue. An extensive collection of anatomical presets facilitates the simulation of clinical situations. Furthermore, the J850 DAP gives us a very wide choice of different color tones, degrees of transparency, textures and surface finishes. 

Why are we the right choice for your medical project?

Technological Readiness

The transformation and evolution of 3D printing has already reached fields such as the medical industry.

With our 3D printers, we are now able to replicate the biomechanical properties of the heart, blood vessels and bones.

With the help of a specialized 3D printing software, we can alternate bones on the model. We can also reproduce tumors in great detail using our special software.

Improved processes and results

Addion finds unique medical benefits in ultra-realistic anatomical simulation models that can be printed on demand anytime, anywhere.

In addition, the ability to customize models can improve medical product development and training, accelerate processes, optimize surgical preparation, and replace animal and cadaver testing.

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How to get started with us


From your design

Are you looking to bring an intriguing medical project to life with the help of additive manufacturing?

We can advise you on the different materials and printing techniques.

Our goal is to provide you with the best results and service in medical 3D.


To a drawing

If you already have a segmented file, a design or a drawing, we can start directly. The start of your project is also possible from a DICOM file. We are happy to support you here.

There is also the option that we accompany you from the beginning of your design idea.

We involve you directly in the entire modeling and drafting process. So you get the solution you want, tailored to you.


About our printers

We use the latest and best 3D printers available on the market. We work with the J850 Digital Anatomy Printer from our partner Stratays.

We can offer a wide range of hardness levels, color combinations, textures and finishing options.

You can count on excellent quality, productivity and a customer-friendly solution. 



To your home

Even when it comes to shipping, we make no compromises.

If you need your product quickly, we also can recommend you our express printing service.

You can receive your 3D printed project within 48 hours, so that you will not have to wait for your 3D print even in the most remote part of the world.

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